Avoid Driving On Mt. Hamilton Rd.

By Martin Telleria

SFSU Journalism Student

This story needed a map because of the evident danger that could arise should drivers not know of the hazards of Mt. Hamilton Rd. in San Jose. People know where San Jose is but pinpointing a particular road or street is a completely different matter. This map would show drivers the exact location of this dangerous roadway.

The original story describes the perils of the narrow road and how drivers heighten the danger by stopping to play in the snow. No cell phone reception, non-functional emergency boxes, and few turnouts are just a few of the dangers that drivers face should they decide to take this road. Mercury News writer Gary Richards pushes in the story that not only should drivers try to avoid taking this road, it should actually be closed for good. Regardless of whether or not the road is closed, readers should take note that they must take caution when attempting to traverse this road and under no circumstances should they stop to play in the snow. An innocent stop to enjoy the wonders of the snow could turn into a catastrophic event that claims the lives of them and countless others who happen to be on the road at the same time that they are.


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