Highway Car Fatalities

Original Article

Last week there were there car accidents south of San Francisco on three major highways.  One was related to an illegal street race on the 101 freeway.  The other two incidents were due to veering onto the wrong side of the road.  The street racer, a 24 year-old San Jose man was going at speeds of over 100 mph when his car hit the University overpass off the 101 freeway.  A few days earlier, a 26 year-old San Mateo women drifted into oncoming traffic on Highway 1 near Pescadero.  A day later a 68 year-old Redwood city man drifted into oncoming traffic and was hit by a semi truck.  Car crashes are a scary thing. I thought this story could have used a map because just plain text doesn’t translate well for visual imagery like this story has.  It’s important to know where these accidents happen as it can give us a better idea of where most accidents take place, and when to be a little more cautious when were on the roads.  The map enhances the story because you don’t have to filter through text jargon about where these accidents took place.  Some people reading the stories might not even know where the locations are to begin with, but a map clearly shows the area it took place in at the click of a button.
View Illegal Street Race Kills 24-year-old San Jose Man. 3rd traffic fatality this week. in a larger map

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