Mapping Chinatown eateries

SF Station recently featured an article called Chinatown Treats. The article is about the best places to eat in San Francisco’s Chinatown district. Author, Keith Mizuguchi, describes popular spots to visit for great food including R & G Lounge, Jai Yun, Golden Gate Bakery, Li Po cocktail lounge and Bow Hun. While I enjoyed reading the article, I think it would be very helpful if the writer were to provide a map detailing where each place is. For locals, a map would help when figuring out a MUNI or BART route and would assist in deciding what else to visit that’s nearby the restaurant. A map would also be especially helpful to tourists reading the article to find out where they should eat while visiting Chinatown district, and, in this case, a map is absolutely necessary to those who aren’t familiar with San Francisco. Besides being useful, adding a map to this story makes it more accessible and interactive. Instead of simply listing the different restaurants, the writer would make it easy for readers to get directions, thus inviting the readers to visit the places rather than just inform them that they exist. For these reasons, I have created a map to accompany this story and I hope the readers interested will find it more helpful when deciding to visit some of Mizuguchi’s recommendations.

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