Music Clubs/Venues of the SoMA and Mission

Just because Noise Pop 2011 is over doesn’t mean San Francisco is running low of venues and clubs that are hosting your favorite bands and DJs. Some of the best places to go out and experience live music are just around the corner from you, especially if you live in the Mission or South of Market districts.

The South of Market and Mission districts have notoriously been known for putting on some of the best San Francisco has to offer in live music and DJ performances. I have compiled a Google map of some of my favorite music venues clubs, along with other note worthy ones.

Along with the club and venue addresses, I have also included a blurb about the venue. I got the venue descriptions from the business listing posted on SF Station, a very useful website that lists all events and happenings in San Francisco.

The Mezzanine, Elbo Room, and Make-Out Room are among my favorite places to check out music, offering a great mix of both live bands and DJ-styled performers. Every night is usually a different genre of music or weekly/monthly event.

Slim’s is a great venue for seeing live MCs, indie, punk, and rock music from across the board. If you are in the mood for some worldly samba or bossa nova grooves, be sure to check out bossa nova to dance to the Latin and South American grooves.

If you are into the dub-step, heavy bass, or experimental hip-hop sounds, I highly recommend 1015 Folsom in the SoMA, offering three separate levels of DJs and music. Som Bar in the Mission is also another great club offering the same style of music, but on a smaller more intimate level.

Listen, drink, dance and enjoy!


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