Recent Violence in the Mission/Potrero Hill

Brittney’s Google Map:

Over the weekend three shootings and one stabbing occured in close proximity this past weekend. These recent acts of violence were in a “gang-style” and are suspected to be gang related activity. The most recent shooting occured near Alabama and Chesar Chavez at about 10:30 pm last nignt. The viticim is still alive but remains in critical condition. On Saturday night around 7:30 Aldo Hernandez, 25 was found dead in his car at the Petrero Hill Rec Center and Aldo Troncoso, 24 was shot dead near 17th and Mission later that night. With these two homocides, that brings the 2011 San Francisco Homocide count to 15 only two months into the new year.

Henandez was believed to be the “intended target” of a Gang-related shooting.Another man in his 50’s was shot two hours earlier at 25th and Conneticut st but the shooting is believed to be unrelated.  Troncoso was also believed to be the victim of a “gang-style” shooting. Also around 1:50 am on Saturday morning a 28 year-old man was stabbed by four assailants leaving a bar at 16th and Mission. His injuries are also listed as life threatening.

The addition of a map to this story helps in visualizing the proximity of these crimes. For locals to the area they may be able to have an idea of how close the crimes occured to each other after thinking about it, but a map in this instance is more inclusive and allows any reader whether familiar with the area or not to be able to see where the crimes occured and in what proximity to each other. The map may also help to establish a pattern if updated over a loger period of time.

 Recent Violence Map


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