San Francisco’s Central Subway Project

San Francisco is working on a Central Subway project which would link Chinatown to the Caltrain station at Fourth and King streets. I thought it would be important to see the proposed link which is said to be receiving federal funding soon. There is a plan for the subway to have stops at the Moscone Center and Union Square. The map shows where the subway might run and where it is planned to have stations. The map gives a better sense of where and what you can expect from the project and who the subway project might benefit. The map helps those who are not from San Francisco or who are not familiar with the area. The map gives a visual element that I thought was missing from the story. When I first read the story I couldn’t imagine where the route of the subway might be. After seeing the points on the map, I can better understand where and who the project may benefit and also where the subway might run.

The story, which I found on the SF Appeal online newspaper, talks about how the project might be getting federal funds. President Obama’s proposed budget might allocate $200 million for this project. The project is moving forward and with this funding it is “closer to becoming a reality,” said Board of Supervisors President David Chiu. The project is intended to serve communities that are transit-dependent and densely populated.


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