The Libyan Uprising Mapped

View Libyian uprising in a larger map

With President Muammar Gadhafi (or however you spell it) refusing to step down after weeks of violent protests, Libya is experiencing “the most brutal crackdown of any Arab regime facing a wave of popular uprisings,” according to an AP article, Pro-Gadhafi Forces Fight Rebels in 2 Cities.

The situation in Libya is evolving incredibly fast, and international sanctions and pressure from the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations has highlighted the seriousness of the conflict.  The US has moved naval and air forces closer to Libya, France said it will fly aid to the opposition-controlled east, and the UN has imposed an arms embargo and other sanctions. The EU is also considering the creation of a no-fly zone above the north African country. Certainly another aspect of the conflict worth mentioning is that Libyan oil production has been cut by 50 percent, most of which goes to Europe. The country only produces 2 percent of the world’s oil, but concern over the unrest spilling into other oil-rich nations has caused oil prices to rise worldwide.

News from Libya has been remarkably consistent. Amazing pictures are coming through everyday, on sites like The Big Picture, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times, along with up-to-the-minute tweets from Libyians at the heart of the conflict. Yet, with this constant stream of information, it’s hard to visualize and understand the full spectrum of the conflict. And while this map may be far from extensive, it does give you some perspective. (This one is way better)

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