Violent Crime in The Mission/Portrero Hill

I was reading through the various happenings throughout the city and I happened to come across some of the latest crime stories for the month of February. It has come to my attention that a large majority of the violent crimes/murders of the past month have been centered around a specific area of San Francisco. I felt that it was important to map these crimes so that others could view them, be wary of them, and keep themselves informed on the comings and goings of their city. This map gives people an idea of what some of the hot-spots would be when it comes to violent crime.

This is important to get a visual-spatial queue through a map, due to the fact that simply stating addresses doesn’t necessarily give people an idea of where things occur. Personally, being somewhat newer to the city, when someone tells me an address or uses a landmark as a point of direction, it is difficult for me to place something spatially. However, when I have a map to look at and to compare that to my current location, it gives me a better understanding of the location. was the original location of this story


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