A map of the Recent Snow Fall

SFGate.com posted a story about the Bay Area actually getting snow. There was a lot of buzz when the weather forecasts stated that San Francisco would have record temperatures that would result in snow. Although the city had not seen snow in 35 years, it was looking like a Winter Wonderland.

The cold weather, along with low temperatures, was said to have originated from Canada.

 Some Bay Area spots that encountered snow include: the Santa Cruz Mountains, Oakland Hills, Half Moon Bay and some parts of downtown San Francisco did receive snow in the early hours on Saturday, Feb. 26. A Google map shows the locations of where the snow hit around the Bay Area.

Full of excitement, residents of Half Moon Bay discussed how they took pictures and made videos of the snow.

Many San Franciscans were disappointed when all streets did not receive snow.

San Francisco’s overnight temperature of 37 degrees coordinated with a record for the date set in 1962. Record low temperatures were reported in Oakland, at 34 degrees, and San Rafael, at 30.

 The California Highway Patrol had reports of several accidents involving spinouts on black ice.

Low temperatures in the high 20s and low 30s, the National Weather Service forecast Bay Area highs in the 50s throughout the week.

A map of the locations where the snow hit can be seen on Google Maps.


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