Russo wants halt to Gang Injunctions in Fruitvale (A.Scott)

This is an opinion article that was posted by the Oakland Tribune that Oakland City Attorney John Russo has called for the city to stop gang injunctions. These injunctions are civil court orders that make normal everyday daily activities for suspected gang members arrested. Russo argues that it promotes racial profiling and has cost the city of Oakland almost a million dollars, when it’s in $10 million worth of debt already.  The area is targeted mostly in North Oakland and the Fruitvale district in the city. Here’s the link to the story.

As a result, I felt it was important to show a map of the area to bring some wholeness to the story. I think maps bring more focus to a story when it mentions or is the subject of a specific area or neighborhood as in this case.  Maps also provide a good visual to a story if you’re having trouble finding one. An addition to being a good visual, it’s very informative. For example, this story could visually inform the residents in the area where the injunctions are occurring. With the map, they can take action should they want to be involved with protesting these injunctions or if they feel the opposite they can increase the injunctions.

Lastly, maps are just cool. It’s amazing that you can view any neighborhood or area by just a couple of clicks on your computer.


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