Be careful when you in the neighbor”hood”. (HCheng)

The story was written by San Francisco Chronicle staff writer Demian Bulwa, and it was published on Thursday. The story is about the recent gang violence in the Mission district. The violence started in the Sureño gang turf and led to a shooting in Norteño gang turf on Wednesday. Police believe that the shooting is retaliatory. After the attacks, the police and the community are working to stop the battle between two gangs.
Gang problems in San Francisco seems less significant when compare to Los Angeles. However, as a smaller city where has a dense population, the violence between rival gangs still affect communities. Street gang problems often are hyper-local, so to add a map to this story will add more detail. It will show the surrounding of the shootings, and also it will be more effective to raise the awareness than plain words because people are always want to know what is happening around their neck of the woods. Moreover, street gangs are always operate in turfs and battle to gain control of more territory, so a map that marks the territory of the gangs will be extremely helpful to people who traveling and living in that neighborhood. According to the city’s gang injunction, the Norteños operates in an area that is east to the Mission street and below 21st street. The area is mark by red color because it is the claimed color for the gang. However, I can not confirm the Sureño turf in the Mission district, but it is known that they operate north to the Norteños.

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