Frog Friendly Golf Courses

For all you golfers out there, have you ever played a round at Sharp Park Golf Course? According to this article I found in the San Francisco Chronicle, the popular golf course is under fire for draining the course and in turn killing hundreds of egg sacs from California red-legged frogs. The red-legged frogs are protected under the landmark U.S. Endangered Species Act.  The National Parks Conservation Association and several other conservation groups have filed a lawsuit against San Francisco for not adequately protecting the endangered frogs.

The location of the course is never mentioned in the article or what it is near which is why I felt the need to create a map for it.  Not only to show where the frogs and golf course is located but also to show the nearest golf courses to Sharp Park.  Maps play an important role in many stories.  Much like the infograph, the map can add a visual quality to the story while also adding additional information that is easier to see as opposed to read.  Maps don’t always show only directions or locations but can also be used to show a route someone traveled or highlight an area of interest.  Sometimes maps and also infographs or sidebars aren’t used to their full potential though.  When a map has only a couple of points on it or simply rehashes information that is in the actual article, it doesn’t add anything new and is only used as a visual element.


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