Fun on Highway 101

Have you ever wondered: If I’m traveling up Highway 101 and I don’t know any of the cities or attractions, where will I go to enrich my experience. Well if you’ve ever thought this oddly specific thought, then you’re in luck. I found a story which was essentially a list that someone had composed of spots along highway 101 that deserved a visit on a road trip. However, to my surprise I found out that this list nowhere in it’s multimedia approach had created a map for the readers. Rather it was just a slide show with a little bit about the places and a pretty picture which wasn’t even a picture of the place for all of them. With places such as Universal Studios, San Francisco, and even Stanford University, I thought the trip looked interesting enough to spread the information to others. I also added Santa cruz beach boardwalk just for fun. I thought this is the sort of story which would thrive on a map, since it is in fact a thing in real life which would require a map. Despite a smart phone a person wouldn’t be able to just know where these places were so I created a map for it. Whether this is just a general look at the distance for viewers, or something which could be used as a reference in planning a trip, i do feel that a map should have been created for the story. Maps in general are necessary because as much as a written explanation of something is great and interesting, people are essentially very visual creatures and take visual cues better than reading, or even verbal cues sometimes. This may not be the most hard news story but it is still something people can benefit from and even more so when a map is created as a guide.
(Be sure to zoom out because it’s a very wide view)

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