The article, “B2B witness’ brush with notorious graffiti girl ‘KKKatie,’” written by Lauren Smiley from the San Francisco Chronicle is the infamous graffiti tagger Katie Dunbar, also known as “KKKatie” to bloggers. The article was written last year after Dunbar was finally arrested. Smiley’s story briefly goes over some of the well-known places that Kattie tagged including the porta-potties around the Civic Center, a Muni bus, and on the McKinley statue. The article also discusses how Dunbar was caught and her trial.

Smiley’s article on the infamous ‘tagger’ was brief but well written. The story had everything going for it, straight forward clean sentences, accuracy, and a creative but still “search friendly” headline. Smiley’s story was also accompanied by pictures of the places Katie Dunbar tagged, as well as a video clip of her trial. Although the article included all of the following, I feel that a map of Katie’s graffiti tags would have enhanced the article further.
One of the reasons why the “KKKatie” article could use a map was because it didn’t quite pin-point the exact locations of Dunbar’s graffiti crime spree. For example, Dunbar spray painted “KKKatie” on the McKinley statue, but not too many people know that the McKinley statue is located at Golden Gate Park, let alone how to get the park. Although Smiley had posted pictures of Katie’s tags, it may not be enough to satisfy readers. On my map I placed a male figure to represent the statue and then drew a line to get to Golden Gate Park. The readers or graffiti enthusiasts may want to actually visit the locations of Dunbar’s graffiti work. A of map of Dunbar’s work may give readers a better idea of how to drive to the locations.
Smile could have used a map to help tell her story. When one is writing about a topic such as a multiple crime spree, sometimes a map could tell the story better than the article itself. In fact a map could make a story like “KKKatie” appear more real to the readers.


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