Point Pinole For a Day Trip

San Franciscans wanting to leave the city for a day, don’t have to go far to find tranquility. Point Pinole in Richmond offers a variety of activities for anyone wanting to be in nature. In their article, The Chronicle mentioned a variety of outdoorsy opportunities. Amongst them are fishing, mountain biking and hiking. The mountain bike trails cuts through forest and connect to small hills and drops, while the fishing offers a chance to catch sturgeon, kingfish and stripped bass. Along with views of Mount Tamalpais and Mount Burdell from the hiking trail, San Franciscans leaving the city for Point Pinole might find it hard to come back.

This story would be better with a map for a few reasons. First, many San Franciscans are transplants to the city and aren’t familiar with the surrounding areas. I actually didn’t know where Richmond is and had to refer to Google maps to see the location. Therefore, adding a map to the story could help readers decide if Point Pinole is a destination they are able and willing to visit. A map would also tell readers just how much nature is available to them, which would also help readers to asses whether  or not they want to make a trip out of the city.


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