Racketeering in the Bay Area

So even though this story only has 2 points, one in Emeryville and the other in San Bruno, I thought this story could use a map to show the reach of the operation, and in just in case more casinos are involved as the investigation continues the map can be updated.

The investigation may lead the cops to other bay area casinos, and the crack down on loan sharks in the area. The operation is known to be lead by a family, and All members worked in the Asian gambling sections of the casinos. 2 of the members are currently facing 20 years in prison.


2 thoughts on “Racketeering in the Bay Area

  1. I heard that loan sharking at the Oaks Card Club was run by diffrent ethnic groups. Asian loan sharks victimized other asians and African American loan sharks preyed on other African Americans.

    • This particular story only mentioned the Asian-american group, I’m not saying there weren’t others involved.

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