Recent Gang Activity within Mission

I thought this story could use a map because it’s a local story that should inform people of the recent dangers involving gangs in the Mission. The visuals of a map could warn residents to steer clear of gang territories where there is an upheaval of violence. The article discussed the burst of recent stabbings and shootings between rival gangs, the Norteños and Sureños.
There was a series of attacks on Sureños turf that resulted in a fatal shooting of 24-year-old Aldo “Trigger” Troncoso early Saturday at 17th and Mission streets. On Tuesday, violent attacks escalated on Harrison Street near 24th when at least 12 bullets were fired at a 26-year-old man that was on Norteños turf. Residents are worried that even the simple mistake of wearing a certain color could make them the possible target for an attack.
Police have responded with emergency meetings with gang investigators, community leaders, and outreach specialist. They want to engage the community as much as possible in order to cool off the suspected gang battle. Supervisor David Campos, who represents the neighborhood says the key focus is “finding a way for these young people to see how misguided this rivalry is.” He suggest that youth get involved in these activities because they are searching for a sense of belonging, yet there are a lot of other ways to have that connection to your community.


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