Uprise in violence in the Mission

I chose to make a map for this story because I felt people needed to know exactly where the violence was happening. when people hear of a shooting or stabbing, it puts the incident into perspective if they can see on a map were it happened. It puts the issue into context. If people could see were these incidents happen on a map, they might start to become more concerned with the issue. especially if they notice that a shooting or stabbing happened near were they live.  The Mission community leaders, the Mission Peace Collaborative and the district supervisor David Campos may be able to get a better grasp on the issue if the community is more aware of the surge of violence in their neighborhood. some of the incidents were taken from another website, but they happened within the same time frame and area as the incidents in the original article. the more violent crimes that are on the map, the more people will be affected by it and in turn, bring awareness to the issue. People these days are visual learners. Seeing things  and issues drawn out or on a map makes a bigger impact on them.

View SF violence on an incline in a larger map


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