why I’m here and where I’m going

I am majoring in photojournalism because not only do I like photography, but I like seeing and sharing what goes on in the world. I also like to travel and see new places and people. Documenting and story telling through pictures is a great way to express one’s self and to show perspectives on a subject in a way that writing can’t necessarily do. An other reason that I chose this field is because this kind of work is engaging and less boring and repetitive than other fields.

I would like to see myself at some sort of publication that explores culture, in particular, underground culture. I have also always been interested in skateboarding but I definitely would not want to limit my self to it. Underground music culture has also been a passion of mine. Working with and shooting this sort of thing would be a great experience. I would also be open to some sort of newspaper, or even blogging.

The ideal job that I would like to have would be to be a photojournalist for something like vice magazine or the website they have. They cover topics such as art, music, skateboarding, politics, traveling and other interesting topics that I would love to immerse myself in. I would also be interested in working with some sort of entity such as my friends’ art and culture collective called dethkills.

Some ways I could learn how to get into some of these positions is to actually be experienced in the field, to go out and take pictures, start blogs, get stories and of course to go through schooling to acquire the necessary skills to execute all of these things. I will need to become savvy with all the equipment needed as well as with a computer.


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