Young lad ponders his future


I didn’t know much about journalism when I decided to major in it. I didn’t read the newspaper or follow politics, and I hadn’t ever written a news story or had an interview. But the prospect of discovering the mechanics of journalism enticed me, and as I move from class to class, I pick up on aspects of journalism that I find completely fascinating. Now, I couldn’t think of anything I would rather be majoring in. Journalism, as a practice, touches upon basic human needs and skills. I’m compelled to connect with people I normally wouldn’t ever talk to. And I’ve learned to value these interactions because they’re so rare, and fulfilling. Majoring in journalism has improved my relationships with my friends, family, and beyond.

It’s quite possible that I’ll be nowhere near journalism in five years. I vastly enjoy learning about the subject, but have difficulty imagining myself in any media niche. I’m hoping to have a better understanding of my future as I learn more. In a dream world, I would like to be a photographer for a major newspaper or magazine, possibly abroad. I want to go to secret places, and have unreal experiences. I enjoy taking pictures and learning about the human experience.

I’m in the process of building a foundation for the future. As long as I stick to this path, I hope to have the necessary skills for practicing journalism and understanding society. My improvement in writing, reading, critical thinking, speaking, and photography is almost tangible from day to day. Most importantly, I’ve become better at opening myself up to ideas and other ways of thinking, which has allowed me to grow in different ways.

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