Precipitation anticipation: S.F. rains on L.A., San Diego

It wasn’t a particularly wet year in 2008 for the top three California cities, with San Francisco getting just 14.42 inches, followed by San Diego with 11.11 and Los Angeles with 11.02. Considering that, on average, San Francisco gets nearly 9 inches of total rain in the first two months of the year and 22.28 inches annually, the 2008 numbers point to drought conditions. According to DataDepot, San Francisco received a whopping 24.15 inches of rain the following year. “Whopping” may not be a good description, as the city was hit with 47.22 inches of rain in 1997-98 (rain is officially measured from July 1 through June 30, according to the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation). San Francisco’s rainfall total is 18.14 inches in the current rainy season, helped by a 6.71-inch burst in December. However, statewide precipitation remains below normal for a third year, according to the Department of Water Services. Want to see monthly precipitation totals for San Francisco from 1960 to the present? Check out Golden Gate Weather Services. You’ll see that in 1975-76, San Francisco received a mere 7.97 inches total, and it rained only 47 days for the year.


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