One Week in the Life of a Food Cart

Offbeat, gourmet food trucks are exploding all over the country. From New York City to Portland to Los Angeles and now San Francisco, food trucks are becoming a popular lunchtime spot for office employees all over the Bay Area. The portable eateries vary in size from small, bike-transported carts to large trucks featuring full kitchens. Each one comes with a unique cuisine sure to satisfy any craving.

SFGate recently published an article highlighting, a site that features most of San Francisco’s food carts. The Off the Grid site offers map that shows daily offerings from most of the Bay Area food carts, but I was interested in following one cart for one week.

Curry Up Now is a food truck that specializes in Indian fusion food, their most popular item, a curry burrito. Curry Up Now has recently expanded its food cart empire, bringing on a few new trucks and hiring more employees. With the recent additions, Curry Up Now has been able to serve its loyal following in San Francisco and also move south along the Peninsula to serve smaller, suburban cities. (South San Francisco, San Mateo, Burlingame and Palo Alto, to just name a few)

I followed Curry Up Now’s twitter feed for one week and mapped the locations they tweeted about. This map follows the Curry Up Now trucks from their first locations in San Francisco, all the way to a dinner location in Sunnyvale. The trucks make over 10 stops throughout the week, hitting cities and work areas up and down the Peninsula.


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