The Tenderloin: Toilet of our fair city?

“No wonder the Tenderloin needs public toilets,” a column by C.W. Nevuis on SF Gate is one story that could benefit from a Google map. The story mentions several locations where public restrooms are available in SF. These include government and non-profit organizations involved in working to maintain public restrooms and provide “soup kitchens” for the needy.

During my research, I came across another more interesting and relevant article from The Examiner reporting the opening of a new public toilet available at 140 Turk St. This story mentions only a few other locations (two other non-profits).

Finally, I found a Yelp review:“Public bathrooms that aren’t so scary” which I used to fill in all the other locations of public restrooms available for use throughout The City.

(Feel free to take a look at the ridiculous YouTube clip I also stumbled upon.)

This story, and these articles need a map because they mention more than two locations (within or near the Tenderloin and it’s new potty) that even locals may not know where exactly they are let alone anyone reading who may not be from the area.

I’m a very visual person, so I understand the need for an overall look at the big picture. It helps me understand the context and as a local it helps me relate to the issue at hand as I see exactly how close the places are to where I live, work, and play. I mean, who couldn’t use a handy map of all the safe, clean places to “pop a squat” ?

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