Chart for Story Pitch_Water quality in California

Selected National Story: Small fish are ingesting plastic in Pacific garbage gyre

The story shows the widespread impact of floating litter on the food chain. According to the research in this story, the fish, on average, ingested two pieces of plastic, but scientists who dissected hundreds of plankton-eating lantern fish found as many as 83 plastic fragments in a single fish.

I think it’s time for us to raise awareness to water pollution. Image that one day, when you’re eating a fish, you’re kind of eating 83 plastic fragments at the same time. Therefore, I search data on water quality in California and San Francisco.

Data source:

Next step:  In order to finish the story, I will continue to find the average amount of plasitic bags poured into rivers and streams in California each year. Futhermore, I will try to contact with experts in environment, water pollution, and plastic industry.


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