What does a pop. Drop say about whats going on?

Breaking down ages through the years.
Student population age range 20-24 over time.

This is a chart of the student population at SF State, ages 20-24 throughout the years. I chose to make a graph of this particular set of statistics because as I myself fit into this group i found it particularly interesting. I chose a line graph like this because i thought it best showed the increase and decrease in students over the years with established points. It’s an age range that has been growing pretty consistently since 2006 but recently it has taken a small dip, which may or may not be a result of fee increases in colleges which continue to plague us. I think it’s good to stay on top of stats one chart at a time. Keep your eye on the numbers and you will be more informed and ready for conversations and open dialogues on school issues.


One thought on “What does a pop. Drop say about whats going on?

  1. SFSU accepted fewer new students, including (I believe) one year when it didn’t take any spring transfers, because of budget cuts during that frame. I’d bet that trail-off comes from students aging out of the 20-24 category.

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