Do you know exactly what you are eating?

More and more people are looking toward restaurant inspection scores rather than sources like Zagat and Yellow Pages to find safe places to eat. These scores are out of 100 and let the customer know what score the restaurant received and why. Having these scores online allows the customer to make a more thought out choice if they know where to look.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently did an article, “Kitchen (not so) confidential / San Francisco’s restaurant scores are more public now — but are they improving food safety?” by Carol Ness, on these scores and whether it is an improvement or not. The article focuses on informing the reader on the history and general use of the system.

A great follow up story would be one that focuses on how these scores reflect the different districts the restaurants reside in. For example, it would be interesting to know which districts got overall high scores, and which ones did not. It would be great to focus on one restaurant and see how these scoring systems have effected them, have their scores gone up or down?

The chart below shows the the inspection scores for La Tortilla in the Castro District of San Francisco. The scores are from September 2005 to January 2011. The information is from SF-EveryBlock, which got their information from the Data SF System and San Francisco Public Health Department.

Scores are categorized as the following: 0-16 high risk, 17-38, moderate risk, 38-74 low risk.


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