Poor air quality could be affecting students’ academic performance

How many schools in San Francisco are making efforts to improve indoor air quality on campus?
This subject doesn’t seem to be on the top of the list of environmental concerns in San Francisco, even though indoor air quality has been proven to contain many more harmful pollutants than outdoor air, and most people tend to spend much of their time inside. When it comes to addressing students regarding this issue, the severity becomes even greater, seeing as most of us basically live at school. Several schools in the bay area have made a move to improve indoor air quality, setting an example and receiving ample recognition.
The EPA awarded the Novato School District for their efforts in working to improve indoor air quality within classrooms. This chart shows the top ten indoor air quality pollutants. Out of these ten, five (methylbenzene, para/ meta xylene, ortho xylene, limonene, and heptane) are in the top 10 list of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in schools. San Francisco schools are encouraged to  inspect indoor air quality and follow guidelines set forth by the Clean Air Agency and the Healthy Facilities Institute in order to improve its conditions.
This story could be followed up with profiles on schools that are actively working to improve indoor air quality in classrooms, and tips they can provide for other schools.

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