Harmful Toxins Cause Disease in Children

Children are more susceptible to getting diseases and inhaling harmful toxins which may result in cancer.  Despite their small size, the amount the breathe, eat, and drink, is much larger proportionally compared to adults.  In San Francisco’s low-income neighborhoods, children have a much higher chance of getting harmful diseases as well as cancer. “More than 50 percent of San Francisco’s children under six live in families whose income is lower than 200 percent of the federal poverty level” according to Healthy Children Organizing Project. Nationwide, 41 percent of children under six live in poverty, a full 9% lower than San Francisco.   Many low-income families live in very poor conditions including overcrowding, unregulated air (indoor air is much more dangerous than outdoor), and no gas.  This greatly raises the risk for these children to not only survive on a day to day basis, but they are forced to contend with with higher disease risk.  With the budget of the city already is dire straights, very few resources go towards environmentally protecting children and low-income families.

This is a very interesting story because people who live in San Francisco like to compare themselves with the rest of the country.  It’s especially relevant because children’s health and well being are always a concern.  A good follow up story would be ascertaining information with two opposite family’s , one well off, the other low-income in San Francisco.






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