Rising gas prices in San Francisco

By Martin Telleria

San Francisco State Journalism Student

The higher the gas prices, the higher the irritation for consumers. With gas prices creeping over $4 a gallon recently, customers cannot help but voice their displeasure over the radical prices. The one problem, however, is that there is too much blame to go around. It’s not one specific person’s fault but rather a combination of many factors such as a California tax on oil that no other state has, the rising cost of crude oil, and the high cost to transport crude oil.

What does this mean for customers going forward? It’s going to get worse before it gets better. With many experts predicting gas prices to rise to maybe $5 a gallon, expect many commuters to resort to public transportation in an effort to conserve money. The higher the gas prices, the higher the chance that consumers reject the pumps.

Unfortunately for San Franciscans, prices are dramatically higher, nearly 50 cents a gallon higher, than the rest of the country. Because of the California tax, which adds 35 cents a gallon, San Franciscan’s are automatically at a disadvantage. Even when prices begin to drop, San Francisco natives will still continue to pay higher prices than anyone else. As most would probably agree, however, any price drop is a start.


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