Top 10 food which make me fat

While I’m getting  fatter and fatter in San Francisco, I start thinking about why.

Am I eat too much?

The followings are top 10 food which, I think, make me fat:

No. 1 Cakes
今天是陳小妞一歲生日,買了個可愛的小蛋糕幫她慶生~ :)

A photo of Hello Kitty cake.  How could a girl refuse eating such a cute cake?

Photo credit: Flickr/Cliffchen1973

No.2 Ice cream

What a day! When you see such colorful ice creams, how could I not stop to buy some?

Photo credit: Flickr/Istolethetv

No.3 Chocolates
One missing, oops.

It is said that eating chocolates can make people happy. Besides, they look so tasty.

Photo credit:Flickr/CoCreatr

No.4 Cookies
SpongeBob Cookies!

How cute these SpingeBob cookies are!

Photo credit: Flickr/Nikkicookiebaker

No.5 Donuts
Breakfast, 2010.09.12

Donuts, donuts, how can I stopping eating you?

Photo credit:Flickr/Jetalone

No.6 Candies
飴 / candy
 So sweet and colorful candies.

Photo credit:Flickr/Yomi955

No.7 Potato chips

Junk but convenient chips.

Photo credit: Flickr/Xioubin Low

No.8 Fried Chicken

 Fried chickens, delicious but also junk food.

Photo credit: Flickr/Nnice

No.9 Pizza
[ Feeling in the Mood : Pizza Dreams ] London, England, United Kingdom

Smiling pizza, how fantastic it is!

Photo credit: Flickr/Uggboy Ugggirl

No.10 Milky tea

港式咖啡 HK-style Coffee - Pacific BBQ Cafe

Milk and black tea are always the best combination. I drink one cup after another.

Photo credit:Flickr/Avlxyz


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