Top 10 Cute Japanese Desserts: Too eat or not to, that is a question.

Now and then, Japanese desserts(Wagashi) amaze people with refreshing design. Yet, the side effect is — you dare not to eating them because they are so cute.

Check out the artistic creations below. Keep that in mind: They are food!

No.1 Daifuku mochi

Daifuku is one of Japanese confection which filled a piece of glutinous rice cake (mochi) with various sweet stuff.

Daifuku mochi may come in different favor and shape. The image shows the classic strawberry daifuku.
sexy ichigo
Longitudinal section of daifuku containing red bean jam and strawberry, Feb. 10, 2008.

Photo Credit: janineomg

No. 2  Manju

The outside of Manju is made of flour or rice powder. Most of the time, the filling is red bean jam.
Manju comes in pink rabbit shape, Oct. 17, 2009.

Photo Credit:  yoppy

No.3 Taiyaki

Taiyaki gets its name form the Tai (a kind of fish) shape it comes in. The outside is crispy  waffle; and the inside can be sweet jam of various flavors.  It sometimes serve with tea.
Taiyaki, Oct.4,2008.

Photo Credit:  yoppy

N0.4 Amanatsukan

It is a kind of Japanese fruit dessert made of Watson pomelo.
甘夏羹 / amanatsukan
Japanese orange “Amanatsu”in Wakanaya (京栗菓匠若菜屋, Japanese dessert store in Kyoto),  Jul. 20, 2007.

Photo Credit:  yomi955

No.5 Dorayaki

It is similar to pancake. The classic dorayaki usually consists of two round pancake piece and red bean jam in between.

Maple pudding dorayaki in Hokkaido Food Fair at Mitsuwa, Sep. 25, 2010.

Photo Credit:  michaelvito

No.6 Dango

It is a kind of Japanese dumpling made of sticky rice cake. It is an important part in Japanese tea party.
Yomogi dango
Yomogi dango, Feb. 14, 2010.

Photo Credit:  norwichnuts

No.7 Rice Cake

It is made of rice and sticky rice. It is served in Spring Festival praying for good luck in the new year.
rice cake / 柏餅
Rice cake, Apr. 24,2006.

Photo Credit:  Kanko*

No.8 Kuzumanjuu

It is made from bean powder and water with a kudzu starch glaze.  It’s Shun mono (food of the season) in summer.
japanese-style confectionery / 葛饅頭
Kuzumanjuu, Aug.12, 2008.

Photo Credit: [puamelia]

No.9 Monaka

It is made of azuki bean jam filled between two mochi pieces.
Monaka, Jun.27,2009.

Photo Credit:  Tamago Moffle

No.10 Yokan

It looks and tastes like jelly, but much more thicker.
水ようかん / youkan

Yokan made of sweet bean paste, water, sugar and  agar, June 29, 2007.

Photo Credit:  yomi955


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