Top 10 paths for jogging in San Francisco

San Francisco is a very health-concerned city. A huge amount of people in San Francisco love jogging, since jogging is one of the best sports that keep people fit and stay healthy. Moreover, while jogging, you can enjoy the beautiful views of San Francisco. The top 10 paths for jogging in San Francisco are listed following. You can check the list to search for the best path for you to jog.

No.1 Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

By advencap

No.2  Ocean Beach
Boogie Jogging

By  Kevin Krejci

No.3 Mountain Lake Park
Mountain Lake Park

By pacificpelican

No.4  Lake Merced
Lake Merced (pb120026)

By uzvards

No.5 Fort Funston
Fort Funston Sand Ladder Trail

By grant_loy

No.6 Strawberry Hill

By Marcin Wichary

No.7 Lyon Street
Lyon Street
By luisvilla

No.8 Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks in San Francisco looking south.
By keepitsurreal

No.9 Lincoln Park
San Francisco's Lincoln Park looking toward Golden Gate Recreation Area
By menard48

No.10 Bluffs Trail
further down the trail
By brad.coy


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