10 ways to get mentioned in a Missed Connection

Missed Connections on Craigslist is the new way to re-connect people who have never actually been connected. The romantic days of locking eyes with a perfect stranger through the window of a train and leaving the possibility of ever seeing them again up to chance are over. However, Missed Connections is quickly becoming a tool for getting acquainted with neighbors without actually approaching them in person. Here are the top ten sure ways to be mentioned in a Missed Connection:

1. Take a flight. The airport is missed connection central. So many people and so much time! An incredibly cute guy can run right past you trying to catch a flight, and you see him jumping on a plane to LAX. Hopefully, he’s also wearing a bright green hoodie or carrying a neon orange umbrella so you can narrow it down for the post. If you get really lucky, your missed connection might just sit next to you on the flight, and if six hours isn’t enough time to spark up conversation, just take a chance in the digital world.

Watching the Planes at SFO

A couple at the airport, watching planes go by. Photo by: jaybergesen

2. Go to a music festival. Music festivals such as Coachella, Sasquatch, or SXSW are great ways to be surrounded by people of common interests: a love of music, crowds, and intense heat. It’s a great way to meet people, but though misssed connections, you can track down the one that got away.

A group of youngsters at the annual Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. Photo by: Emily Mae

3. Ride a bike. Perhaps the best way to get a missed connection is by riding a super trendy hipster fixed gear bike through Golden Gate Park or the city: You can cover long distances in full visibility. (Also, wearing an item of bright-colored clothing will only improve your chances).

A young man with an orange fixed gear bike. Photo by: Tyler McPherron

4. Hang out at coffee shops. Popular coffee houses are a perfect place to get noticed. People tend to hang out for hours with ample time to scope out the situation.

Musician Rio Norris sitting at Starbucks Coffee in Austin, Texas. Photo by: Barbara Szabo

5. Sport a unique or brightly colored umbrella. It’s not enough just to have an umbrella in San Francisco, because seriously, it rains a lot so most people have one. A unique or bright-colored umbrella is necessary to provide adequate context for a missed connection.

Umbrellas in the rain, Jun 2009 - 20
Strolling down the streets of San Francisco, armed with umbrellas. Photo by: Ed Yourdon

6. Buy a pass and ride the Muni. The 22 Fillmore and the N Judah are the most common transit lines mentioned in Missed Connections.

MUNI pass : hard-won
Weekly Muni pass. Photo by: jm3

An extremely packed Fillmore 22 bus. Photo by: Charles Haynes

7. Get a unique, visible tattoo. Tattoos that are noticeable are not only a topic of conversation, but a point of reference for a missed connection. It really narrows down the mentioned individual.

Koi Tattoo
Upper arm tattoo of a large fish. Photo by: Jayel Aheram

8. Shop at Whole Foods. Whole Foods is usually packed with people, but the missed connections here are usually directed toward the employees. Why not just go back? Odds are, that person will still be employed next week.

Tulsa Whole Foods
Outside view of a Whole Foods market. Photo by: Kari Sullivan

9. Walk your dog. By walking your dog through parks or neighborhoods filled with businesses, the reference point of recognition is doubled. Cute dog and cute owner? Done.

Walking dogs
A man walking his dog through the park. Photo by: Rhian vK

10. Wear a unique item of clothing, like an animal hat. By wearing a specific item of clothing that stands out, it is easy to be noticed, even on a bike or sprinting through the airport.

Hanna Szabo wearing an animal hat. Photo by Zach Bresnick.


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