Get your fish on: Top 10 kinds of sushi

Sound the drum roll as we present the top 10 kinds of sushi, followed by an explanation about the delicacies. You may not agree with the list, but these are the choicest cuts for sure:

    1. Hamachi (yellowtail)
    2. Amaebi (sweet shrimp)
    3. Maguro (tuna)
    4. Hotate (scallop)
    5. Unagi (eel)
    6. Uni (sea urchin)
    7. Sake (salmon)
    8. Kani (crab)
    9. Toro (fatty tuna)
    10. Ikura (salmon roe)

Have we sated your appetite? This is a subject dear to my heart, as I’ve been eating sushi here and in Japan for about 25 years. And, no, the list will not include horse and whale, both of which I tried in Tokyo. Horse has no taste. How does sushi compare in the United States and in Japan? There is no comparison. Sushi is ordinary in Japan, not expensive and absolutely delicious. The pieces are massive. In America, sushi is much more expensive, especially in the wake of the tsunami. The pieces are small and not very fresh. You want really fresh fish? Plan a trip to the Tsukiji fish market in Japan to see workers cart out the fish, including gargantuan whole tuna, in the early-morning hours. I used to go to a little sushi place near Fussa, Japan, just outside of Tokyo, where I used to live. The chefs would take out a whole fish and start slicing. Not frozen, but fresh. Two pieces for pennies. Yes, this was 10 years ago, but it hasn’t changed much.

Hamachi Zuke - Shira Nui AUD4.50 eachHere’s the No. 1 sushi, hamachi, or yellowtail. Photo credit: Avlxyz

AmaebiReady for No. 2? It’s amaebi, or sweet shrimp, so much better than the cooked variety. Photo credit: arnold | inuyaki Arnold Gatilao

MaguroNo. 3 is maguro, or tuna. Photo credit: By WordRidden Jessica Spengler

Hamachi and Hotate Sashimi DuoCooked hotate, or scallop, is great, but the raw thing is the real deal. It’s No. 4 on our list. Photo credit: By yummyporky Vera Yu and David Li

Unagi nigiri sushi - SushikoNo. 5 is unagi, or eel. You’ll see vendors grilling it all over japan. Photo credit: By avlxyz Alpha

Uni (sea urchin)No. 6 is uni, or sea urchin, a truly luscious sushi. Photo credit: By Ioan Sameli

Salmon - Makoto, Sydney AUD3No. 7 is sake, or salmon, not to be confused with the drink. Photo credit: By avlxyz

Yuki Japanese Restaurant - DinnerNo. 8 is kani, or crab, a real delicacy. Photo credit: By Virtual Ern Ernesto Andrade

Sushi - Tuna SpectrumNo. 9 is toro, or fatty tuna. Photo credit: By naotakem Naotake Murayama

DSC01352No. 10 is ikura, or salmon roe, which can dress up any meal. Photo credit: By nattokun

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