Live Expectancy: Japan Vs. USA

A few weeks ago I was reading an article on life expectancy of different countries around the world. I found it interesting that there were such vast differences from country to country and thought a chart would be a good tool for illustrating those differences.

Because Japan has recently been in the news, I thought it would be a good candidate to compare and contrast the life expectancy of the USA with the life expectancy of Japan. I found that overall, the life expectancy between the two countries have both been on the rise. Japan still leads in life expectancy by roughly five years, with their2008 life expectancy at 83-years-old, and the USA’s at 73-years-old.

I thought this would be a relevant story to follow-up on because San Franciscans have been known to be very health conscious people. Likewise, Japanese have been culturally known to have a healthier diet. This raises some interesting questions: How does the American diet differ to that of Japanese? Does different exercise routines between the two countries play a role in length of life? Are there any major health care differences between the two countries? How can people raise their life expectancy?

Note: all data taken from the World Bank. Ages that included decimals were rounded up or down.


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