Top 10 northern California beaches

One of my favorite things to do is to go to the beach. Sunny or cloudy, the beach has a calming beauty which can wash away all your worries, at least while you’re there.

California has some beautiful beaches. Although southern California is better known for their sunny beaches, northern and central California have some hidden gems of their own.

If you have a four-legged best friend (which I do), they’re welcome there too!

Here are the top 10 northern California beaches I’ve been to.

Cypress on Carmel Beach
#1 Carmel-by-the-Sea- white sand and a beautiful view. Photo credit: Flickr/wisdomeur.

#2 Baker Beach- gorgeous view of the Gold Gate Bridge. Photo credit: Ana Preza.

#3 Stinson Beach- long and clean beach. Photo credit: Ana Preza.

Capitola Pier
#4 Capitola Beach- great place to have a slice of pizza on the beach. Photo credit: Flickr/Jim Bahn.

California Vacation - Scott Creek Beach
#5 Scott Creek Beach- if you want to be alone, this is the beach for you. Photo credit: Flickr/hyku.

#6 Half Moon Bay- the views from the cliffs are amazing. Photo credit: Ana Preza.

#7 Monterey- clear water which takes your breath away. Photo credit: Ana Preza.

#8 Miramar Beach- cute getaway beach. Photo credit: Ana Preza.

#9 Muir Beach- rocky, yet stunning beach. Photo credit: Ana Preza.

#10 Ocean Beach- great beach for jogging. Photo credit: Ana Preza.

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