Top 10 annoying things about Facebook

The realm of Facebook is as diverse as its inhabitants but there are things it does to annoy you that are pretty much universal. Here is a top 10 list of things I have found that have gotten under my skin throughout the years and I’m sure you have felt a mixture of these things happen to you.

10.) Top 10 lists about your life.

Gold top 10 winner

Whether it be a top 10 or top 25 list, we really don’t want to know  random facts about your life. Photo credit: sam_churchill

9.) Gifts

Gift Box

I like the real thing so please don’t send me a virtual cow, gun, fish, or bakery cake because they don’t exist. Photo credit: Ken’s Oven

8.) Farmville (or any other game you can think of)

 Farmville Fail

Don’t let your life  revolve around times when you need to harvest things. Just get the real thing, please?                                               Photo credit: michael_reuter

7.) Group Invites

Hammer365: 194/171 Members Only Sign

Once is annoying but if you keep sending those join group requests even after rejection you are risking being Facebook dumped. The only exception to the rule is the “I don’t care about your farm, fish, park, of mafia” group.  Photo credit: David Reber’s Hammer Photography

6.) Notification of being tagged in a photo and finding out the photo was removed

 We apologise for any convenience - Update

Why would you tag people to then remove them and the picture altogether? Photo credit: Alan Stanton

5.) Creepy Ads

 Which one is it, Facebook?

How does Facebook generate these things? Some of the crazier one’s I’ve seen include “Need some senior loving?”, “Meet hot, young, Catholic singles,” and “Pavorotti gang-bang photos.” Why can’t we hide them somehow? Photo credit: Brett L.

4.) Poking

 poke 1

Unless you are a child, no adult does this on a regualr basis in real life. Poking is not fun but simply disturbing. Photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg

3.) “Lost Phone” Facebook exploitation

two virgin mobile cell phones

You have no need to have my number when you put a giant shout-out to all your Facebook friends. Photo credit:

2.) Threads or chain notifications


Now everytime you are tagged or “like” something on Facebook you will recieve notifications everytime someone comments on it. A quick, annoying way to fill up your inbox. Photo credit: sfu.marcin

1.) Too many status updates

32/365 Status Update

We don’t need to know everyting about you and you don’t always have to publish everything on Facebook. Some things are meant to be kept private and in silence. Photo credit: byJoeLodge.


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