Top 10 Bay Area Views – For the romantics and photogs out there

When thinking of a Top 10 list, as a photojournalist my mind instantly goes towards something visual. Upon first arriving here in the city, I was hard pressed to find a detailed and well-accounted list of places where amazing photographs could be taken, that would really say “San Francisco.” Here is a list of the compiled places I’ve yet come up with. I hope that all you photographers and romantics out there will take these to heart, and enjoy them as much as I have.

1. Point Reyes National Lighthouse

The outlook at Point Reyes National Lighthouse is 300 steps down and up to appreciate this beautiful view.

Photo by: Nick Moone

2. Point Reyes National Park Shoreline

This stretch of coast is one of the most pristine and untouched natural resources that remain bordering our oceans throughout the U.S. Make a day trip of it!

Photo by: Nick Moone

3. Twin Peaks

This view from central San Francisco allows you a view down Market Street into the heart of downtown. The wind does blow up there so make sure you bring a jacket for this stroll down memory lane.


Photo by: apple.white2010

4. Baker Beach

This remarkable view of San Francisco is especially romantic when the sun begins to set over the ocean and the Golden Gate bridge lights up in all its nightly splendor.

Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach - San Francisco, California

Photo by: Jim Trodel

5. Top of Coit Tower

Built in the center of Telegraph Hill, this 210 ft. tower in Pioneer Park gives the visitor 360 degree views of San Francisco and the surrounding areas. It is truly breathtaking.

The view from Coit Tower

Photo by: jdnx

6. Overlooking Horseshoe Bay (Golden Gate Bridge)

This view from just north of the Golden Gate bridge offers the viewer another perspective on the city. It’s also right next to Sausalito, a perfect little getaway town for you lovebirds.

Golden Gate Bridge

Photo by: Sebastian Bergmann

7. Grizzly Peak, Berkeley

This particular view is a bit of a hike and is outside the city, but is well worth it. The smells and sounds of nature abound. To die and not see a sunset here would be a travesty.

Grizzly Peak

Photo by: gimpbully

8. Seal Rocks from Sutro Heights

This walk down by the seashore and overlooking the Great Highway are a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Please make sure to check out the former Sutro Bathes while you’re there.

Seal Rocks from Sutro Heights. San Francisco.

Photo by: IMLS DCC

9. Mountain Top Cemetery, Oakland

This may be a bit out of the city, and well past the downtown section of Oakland, but on a clear day you can see straight through the bay all the way to the ocean. Take in a bit of history of this quiet and demure location.

Mountain View Cemetery

Photo by: jdnx

10. San Francisco from Treasure Island

The infamous Treasure Island, all but a deserted wasteland now save for the occasional music festival, still holds a bit of charm when you’re able to look back across the bay at the city skyline.

San Francisco skyline

Photo by: Franco Folini

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