Top 10 Places in Downtown San Francisco to Update Your Spring Wardrobe

This spring 2011 is one that is full of trends. From military to 1970s, designers are taking the trends and going crazy with them. Downtown San Francisco is home to numerous stores both designer and discount that offer consumers great fashions. We have taken the liberty of coming up with our Top 10 best places in downtown San Francisco to update your 2011 Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Westfield San Francisco Centre
Street shot of the Westfield SF Centre Mall. Photo Credit: Derek Chisamore

1. Westfield San Francisco Centre
Price Point: $-$$$; This multi-level mall offers consumers various stores and products at various price points. It is the home for stores like Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Michael Kors, and Guess. It also features a full food court with foods ranging from vegitarian to mexican. This mall is a definite stop for tourists and anyone looking to update their wardrobe.

Barney’s store front. Photo Credit: Derek Chisamore

2. Barney’s New York
Price Point: $$$; This unique store offers customers a serious shopping experience, and it is no secret that they pay a lot for that experience. Anyone who collects high fashion or admires it must stop by this shop. Being the only one on the west coast, the San Francisco Barney’s features designers such as Alexander McQueen and Christian Loboutain.

Shotwell store front. Photo Credit: Derek Chisamore

3. Shotwell
Price Point: $-$$; This one a kind store has only been open in this location for a few years, but has already become a dream destination for the fashion crowd. It features items that are more hipster style, but defintely caters to anyone who enjoys fashion as art. If you are looking for a unique item, this is the place for you! With labels ranging from TOMS to Elizabeth & James, if it is unique they have it.

American Apparel
American Apparel store front. Photo Credit: Derek Chisamore

4. American Apparel
Price Point: $$; Made in Los Angeles, this shop has a preppy 1980s meets neon meets glitter feel to it. Their styles are very basic but fit perfectly. This is a definite stop to pick up those basics everyone needs in their closet. Offering products from the basic white t-shirt to funky bow ties, this place is a must.

All Saints
All Saints store front. Photo Credit: Derek Chisamore

5. All Saints
Price Point: $$; Having only been in the states for a short time, this UK label gaining a large following quickly. Looking at the store front, many customers would barely know what is inside. The windows are lined from floor to cieling with vintage sewing machines stack one on top of the other. The unique label offers consumers more avant garde fashion, while still managing to keep it wearable. This label prides themselves on creating an edgy preppy look while providing quality products.

Macy’s Union Square. Photo Credit: Derek Chisamore

6. Macy’s Union Square
Price Point: $-$$$; This Union Square stable has been offering customers great merchandise for many years. Not only is this store a flagship store but it is also a tourist attraction. It is the home to the top floor Cheesecake Factory as well as the basement level food court. Fashions from Marc Jacobs to INC grace the eight levels of sales space.

Aldo store front. Photo Credit: Derek Chisamore

7. Aldo
Price Point: $-$$; We could not talk about our top 10 without including Aldo. It is a great place to get fashionable accessories at great prices. Being part of fast fashion, Aldo takes current trends being seen on the runways and adapts them into shoes and accessories that are wearable and marketable to the consumer.

H&M store front. Photo Credit: Derek Chisamore

Price Point: $; This Powell st. stable offers consumers fast fashion at great prices. This is the perfect place to start when looking for an amazing going out outfit. They take fashion straight off the runway and make it accessible to consumers. This downtown location offers more product and different styles on its two levels of sales space.

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters store front. Photo Credit: Derek Chisamore

9. Urban Outfitters
Price Point: $-$$; Urban Outfitters is known for having unique stores, and this San Francisco location completely reinforces that. This five level store offers products from home to mens to womens. It features lables such as Levi’s and Bed Stu. This is a definite must if looking for something unique and witty.

Forever 21
Forever 21 store front. Photo Credit: Derek Chisamore

10. Forever 21
Price Point: $; This Forever 21 is a downtown staple. It offers three massive levels of product from underwear to kids. This is a definite must when shopping for something that is trend worthy. Known for its fast fashion, Forever 21 offers customers great trends at even better prices.


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