Top 10 SF Parks

Finding a great place to relax isn’t difficult in San Francisco. After all, with about 220 parks and open spaces, this fair city of ours has more green space than any other municipality in the United States. So which of SF’s glorious parks deserves a visit? It all depends on how you like your parks. Some fit into a parking space, while others span whole neighborhoods; some offer the perfect panorama, while others are ideal for public intoxication. I’ve spent a few years exploring San Francisco’s parks, and these are my favorites. Check them out to see which ones float your boat (there’s a park for that too).

10. Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks
Photo: Flickr/-ratamahatta-
Although it’s not quite a park, Twin Peaks has one of the most spectacular views of San Francisco. It’s the perfect lovers lane, but watch out for tourists.

9. The Panhandle
Hail Caeser
Photo: Flickr/aaron13251
The skinniest park on the list is the Panhandle, named for its handle-like connection to Golden Gate Park. It’s flat too so it’s great for a bike ride, especially if you like huge trees and Victorian scenery. There’s also a pretty sweet basketball court.

8. Washington Square
Washington Square - St. Peter & Paul Church
Photo: Flickr/David Paul Ohmer
Washington Square is in the heart of North Beach, within walking distance to many of the districts cafes, bookstores and restaurants. It’s small, and can get pretty crowded. But Washington Square’s views of the beautiful Sts. Peter and Paul Church can’t be beat. (Ironically, the church’s address is 666 Filbert St.)

7. Grand View Park
Grand View Park
Photo: Flickr/Brett L.
The aply-named Grand View Park in the Sunset is just about the only place in San Francisco with a 360 view of the city. But be prepared to lose 10 pounds walking up it’s mosaic stairs.

6. Alamo Square
Photo: Flickr/Flowerego
Home of the Full House house, Alamo square is much more than that. It’s also a great place for a nap.

5. The Presidio
Gun emplacements in the Presidio
Photo: Flickr/Shiny Things
The Presidio is a massive, tangled mess that’s good for an adventure. The former Spanish military outpost is a National Historic Landmark, and has one of the best beaches in the city – Baker Beach

4. South Park
South Park
Photo: Flickr/Allan Ferguson
It might be tiny, but south park is unique for its isolation. It’s cut off from any major streets, and almost entirely surrounded by restaurants, bike stores, cafes and houses. South Park is basically its own neighborhood.

3. Dolores Park
dolores park
Photo: Flickr/Beth Rankin
This park in the Mission has a lot to offer, including movie nights!

2. Glen Park
glen canyon hiker
Photo: Flickr/disrupsean
The first time i walked through Glen Park i was blown away. It has huge rock-climbing rocks, beautiful trails, impressive houses, and much more.

1. Golden Gate Park
Nature Crepuscular Rays in Golden Gate Park
Photo: Flickr/Trodel
GGP is the best because it has EVERYTHING. Including Bison, a windmill, hippies, lakes, a Japanese tea garden, an outdoor roller rink, waterfalls, a botanical garden, and so much more.


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