Top 10 things I would rather do than this assignment.

School is a long brutal road. Being on campus 5 days a week can become taxing on the mind and body. So when students are asked to bring that work home with them the tension and stress become palpable. On the weekend all students want to do is relax for a couple days and not have to worry about the long school week they just had, and are going to have the following Monday. Here is a list of the top 10 things I would rather do than this assignment.

10 – Go out to dinner

Wine at Dinner

Photo By: Rick Audet

9 – Go to a Comic Book store

Comic Books

Some comic books, Photo By: Shad Bolling

8 – Aimlessly browse the internet

Computer workstation

Multiple computers for faster browsing, Photo By: Shanye Kaye

7 – Go to the movies

Movie Theater

A really awsome vintage style movie theater, Photo By: Deborah Austin

6 – Hang out with friends

Jam Session

Jazz band jamming with friends, Photo By: Infrogmation

5 – Go to the gym

Getting Pumped

Getting Pumped

4 – Go to the park

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

3 – Watch TV


A vintage TV, Photo By: Ντάνκαν

2 – Play Video Games


Old School arcade machines, Photo By: Kari Sullivan

1 – Sleep


Sleep like a baby, Photo By: xlibber (Jon)


6 thoughts on “Top 10 things I would rather do than this assignment.

  1. Serious balls. Professor Baird, if we can make this post go viral can we give this blogger extra credit?

    – Signed, a completely random Internet stranger that reads San Fran Beat whether you like it or not.

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