Top Ten Places to Eat in San Francisco

This is a gallery of my personal favorite eateries in San Francisco. Most of the places include latin cuisine, especially Peruvian food. Most of the locations happen to be near my house in the inner sunset–all the more reason for them to be on my list of favorites.


bpicture of the yellow submarine restaurant from the outside

#10 The Yellow Submarine restaurant from the outside. Great steak sandwiches.

Picture of Crepevine from the outside of the restaurant.

#9 Crepevine is a great spot for sandwiches and salads. Photo

Picture of Piqueo's from the outside of the restaurant

#8 Piqueo's is a great place to have appetizers. Photo credit: Dee Adams

Picture of Tart to Tart from Irving Street

#7 Tart to Tart is my favorite place to curb my sweet tooth. The chocolate ganache is my favorite. Photo credit: pacificpelican

Picture of Pasion restaurant

#6 Pasion has savory latin cuisine. Photo credit: PRWeb

Picture of the inside of Straits restaurant

#5 Straits has a great fusion of Southeast Asian foods, very good. Photo credit: OpenTable

Picture of the cebiche bar at La Mar restaurant.

#4 Beautiful restaurant right along the pier. The Lomo Saltado is delicious. Photo credit: Gourmet

Picture of the Elite Cafe on Filmore

#3 The Elite Cafe is a great breakfast spot. Got to try the Beignets and the Passion Fruit mimosas. Photo credit:

Picture of the inside of Espetus restaurant

#2 Espetus was one of the best food experiences I've had. Love the grilled pineapple! Photo credit:

Picture of the outside of Limon restaurant

#1 Limon is my favorite place to get Peruvian food. It's delicious food for a great price. Definitely have to try the anticuchos. Photo credit:


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