Top 10 live shows to trip out too.

This is a list of bands that are currently on the road today and delighting audiences with psychadelic treats. So if you want to take LSD, shrooms or ectasy and don’t really know what show to see, this list will help you get started in your decision. They all combine fantastic musicall skills and a desire to turn their live shows into an experience that goes far beyond your average concert. So what are you waiting for? Get on the bus!

1)Roger Waters of Pink Floyd is on tour right now, playing The Wall in its entirety. The show is a pyschadelic whirl pool of images and a gigantic wall that is practically alive through out the whole show. It is incredible!

The Wall Live

2)Tool is probably one of the tripiest bands ever. To further aid their incredible music, their concerts are a feast of lights, lasers, HD videos and incredible sound. photo credit: Branko Kragovic

3)Shpongle is electronic music on steroids. Composed and even sometimes performed as a full instrumental band, they usually only go on the road as just a DJ set. But the visuals they provide to supplement their complex layers of music makes for a very wild show.


4) Primus is the shit. My favorite band of all time possibly. Their shows combine psychadelic aspects with heavy metal to create a truly unique live experience. photo credit:Al Pavangkanan

5) Lotus is a great instrumental band that throws down for hours at a time. Their music seemlessly goes from one song to the next and the dancing does not stop till the lasers and lights finally go down.

Jesse from Lotus

6)Buckethead is an enigma. The man in the mask has maintaned his secret identity for 20 years of public performing. his virtuoso style make him one of the most entertaiing acts ever and his odd stage presence can be really creepy and totally trippy, man. photo credit:Foxtongue

7) Les Claypool is the man behind Primus. But his solo acts with a revolving door of musicians are some of the finest concerts one could hope to attend. Wild jams with eclectic sounds make his shows a non-stop guessing game of what is going to happen next. Not to be missed. photo credit: J.Snow

Les Claypool & Company

8) The Residents are a legacy of odd. Starting in the sixties, they still tour and make new music. A style all of their own and always changing. No one knows who they are and us fans want to keep it that way. Right now theyr’e on tour, with the Talking Light Show. Very spooooooky stuff. photo credit: prusakolep
The Residents

9)The Grateful Dead is probably the most classic band ever to trip out too. And even though they are not calling themselves the Grateful Dead any more, you can still catch them as Furthur. They are on the road and doing it right. photo credit: toddwickersty

The Dead / 6.17.03

10) Sound Tribe Sector Nine is a great instrumental group that has the crowd moving and pulsating for hours. Lights, sweat, confusion and an insatiable desire to dance. Get it on.
photo credit: thebigo
Red Rocks - 11


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