10 Awesome Animals

The Animal Kingdom is full of really awesome animals. Here are 10 of them.

1. The Ring-Tailed Lemur will often use its long striped tail to attract mates or was a defense against predators.
to face:  ring-tailed  lemur
(Photo Credit: Marfis 75)

2. The Seahorse is monogamous, it finds a mate and stays with it for life.
mirror, mirror, on the wall
(Photo Credit: Marfis 75)

3. The Shark often gets a bad rep, but each kind of Shark has something awesome about it.
shark alarm
(Photo Credit: Marfis 75)

4. The Giraffe has a really long neck that helps them eat higher leaves on trees.
to face:  a giraffe
(Photo Credit: Marfis 75)

5. The Camel can travel for long distances due to nutrients it keeps in the humps on its back.
Tunisian Sahara Trek 2006
(Photo Credit: John Spooner)

6. The Lionfish has venom in its fins that can even be harmful to humans.
the beauty
(Photo Credit: Marfis 75)

7. The Peacock will use its colorful tail to attract a mate.
(Photo Credit: Frielp)

8. Manta Ray is the largest kind of Ray.
USA 07 - Manta
(Photo Credit: Kay Gaensler)

9. Jellyfish There are many different kinds of Jellyfish including the Moon Jellyfish, which you can see its bright insides from a distance and the Box Jellyfish which has one of the deadliest venoms.
blue world
(Photo Credit: Marfis 75)

10. The Chameleon can change color depending on what its surroundings are.
Jemen Chamäleon


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