10 Things I Like

I am a pop culture junkie. I would rather watch TV and learn about celebrities than read about politics. The top 10 shows that keep me sane are as follows:

1.) GLEE is a show on FOX that is like High School Musical but with sex. The show centers around the Glee Club of William McKinley High School and the turmoil that resides in the group over talent, spot light and song choice for competitions.The actors on the show have either been on Broadway, danced professionally, or have been singing for a while.  The show is both funny and covers some of the most popular songs on the Billboard’s Hot 100. Photo from watchwithkristen via Flickr.

2.) E! News is a nightly reporting of entertainment news. The segment is an hour-long and touches on everything entertainment from sports icons on trial to discussing whose on Dancing with the Stars. The hosts of the show are Giuianna Rancic and Ryan Secrest. The news show reports on items they gather from Twitter, Facebook pages and Blogs from celebrities. Photo from tomcar via Flickr.  

3.) Jersey Shore is a reality show centered around 7 cast members who live in a house. It is like the Real World except the cast members are all from the East Coast, specifically New Jersey and New YoProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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. The show was placed in Seaside, New Jersey, then Miami and this season they returned to Seaside. The show is entertaining in the fact that we’ve all heard that East Coast people are loud and can be intimidating, watching the show can both fuel that fire while putting other East Coast stereotypes to rest. Photo Wikipedia Commons via Flickr.

4.) Teen Mom 2 is another reality show that centers around young mothers raising their children. The ups and downs of being in school, having money and maintaining relationships is part of the struggle the young mothers and (sometimes featured) fathers go through. The show is a spin-off of 16 and pregnant, which the cast members on Teen Mom 2 were originally part of. Dr. Drew, a famous psychiatrist meets with the cast at the end of the season to discuss teen pregnancy and their lives after having their kid/s. Photo via the1secondfilm via Flickr.

5.) Keeping Up With the Kardashians is a reality show that centers around the Kardashian/Jenner household. The large family is filled with famous starts such as: Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Olympic Athlete Bruce Jenner. The drama that is displayed on this show is also displayed on the spin-off show Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Photo from Rubenstein via Flickr.  

6.) March Madness is my current obsession at the moment. My boyfriend got me into loving college basketball, specifically Duke from Durham, North Carolina. They have been dominating the NCAA for a while and I love watching every game. Unlike the NBA, college ball plays by the rules more; there’s no excessive traveling and the fact that they have a large spirited college fan base is great. Photo from Big Swift via Flickr. 

7.) Sex and the City is a show that chronicles the love lives of 4 best friends. I love watching the different situations they end up in and their various boyfriends with their weird quarks. They live in New York and the men to women ratio is definitely tipped with more women than men. It’s a funny show that shows you what its like for single women finding love. There have also been movies that continued the Sex and the City story. Photo from chirincarlao via Flickr.

8.) Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory is a show on MTV about a skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek and all the crazy things he does in his warehouse/office. The large storage space is filled with a foam pit, a tennis ball gun and his crazy cousins and manager trying to tame Rob’s crazy ideas without success. Photo from behance.com.  

9.) Chelsea Lately is an entertainment show that is aired nightly. Unlike E! News, Chelsea Lately is filled with comedy whole commenting on some news. Chelsea Handler is the host and a panel of other comedians that differ each week and even has a dwarf assistant who partakes in the comedy. After a little update on the news, a guest comes on the show and Chelsea interviews them about their current projects, while slipping in a little humor as well. Photo from City of West Hollywood via Flickr. 

10.) Gilmore Girls is the final show that I love to watch. Although the series has been cancelled for a few years, I still love to watch the reruns. The show chronicle the lives of a mother and daughter living in a small town in Connecticut. They show has a lot of witty humor and was on the WB. Photo from jamielondonboy via Flickr.  

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