The best offense is a good defense.

Earthquakes don’t happen all of a sudden like many may think. The world is not a solid mass, the surface is a series of plates that when rub against one another can cause disastrous effects.  There are earthquakes happening right now, beneath your feet may not be aware of. click here. And being Californians we should all do our best to be prepared. But the old advice of “stay in bed and cover your head” will not suffice. In the bay area we are surrounded by fault lines, some may live on the Hayward fault line, but how many can say that they have and actual plan for when the “big on hits”?

Over the last 10 years we have seen the news splatter images of the damage earthquakes cause. From back in 2004 when the coast of Sri Lanka or most currently the quake in Honshu, Japan where the number of fatalities is still being counted.

But who talks about eatrthqauke safety once you leave grade school?

Steps to prepare for an earthquake:

1. Check in home hazzards. Is that book case your favorite aunt gave you fastened correctly and tightly to the wall?

2. Evaluate your electrical appliances, in the great quake of 1908 the most damage was caused by fires.

3. Check flammables like your water heater make sure they are secure

4. Examine your home’s foundation and keep up with home maintained.

5. find in advance the safe places. Know where to go and staying in bed and coving your face with a pillow maight not be the best thing to do.

A follow up story can be about the next big one. The San Andreas fault in southern California is long  over due, or could a tsunami hit the bay area if we have a major earthquake? and which areas are the most susceptible to danger following an earthquake?


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