California Obesity rate compared with other states in 2009

The following chart compares California’s obesity to other vastly different states. It includes states from the West coast, Midwest, and East coast. The data I collected was from, which included the “Top 51 Fattest states”. As most people will notice Mississippi has the largest obesity rate compared with other states. According to Mississippi has incidentally earned the honor of being the “fattest” state for five years in a row. The pie chart shows that there isn’t an obvious difference in California’s obesity rate with the other states listed such as Hawaii and New York.

California was ranked #41 on Calorie Lab’s fattest states’ chart. Although California didn’t make the top 10, the fact that it made it on the top 50 to begin with is still cause for concern. In fact, California’s obesity rate had steadily increased in the past 10 years, according Calorie Lab’s statistical report.

The story on obesity is relevant to San Francisco audience because some of the data collected from health experts from Calorie Lab actually came from San Francisco, among other cities in the Bay Area. The fact that the story could lead to future life style changes is another reason why this story is relevant to the San Francisco audience.

According to an article, “Free healthy food for families at Bay Area schools,” from the San Francisco Chronicle childhood obesity is starting to become an epidemic in Bay Area.Therefore, I think childhood obesity in California compared with other states and what parents can do to help stop the epidemic, would be an appropriate story idea. The story should have data collected by medical experts.

Pie chart on obesity rate for California and other state


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