Decline in Tuberculosis in SF

Question: what is the trend of the number of TB cases over the years? San Francisco has had some of the most TB cases in America since they started keeping record in the 1930s, according to an article in the SF Gate. last year was the all time low the city has seen. The article explains how Sf’s TB control section has been targeting and treating groups of concern in order to slow the spread of this contagious bacterial disease.  Because of the city’s high population of immigrants, it’s hard to control the disease. Another reason that the disease spreads so easily is that not everyone gets sick from it, so they can carry it and spread it without knowing they have it. According to Sf’s health information website, 64 percent of Asians and Pacific islanders carry the disease, these groups being a large population in the city. With these groups and others being screened and receiving preventative treatment, there has been a great deal of progress since the early 1990s.With nearly 50 cases for every 100,000 people 20 years ago, 2010 has seen quite a bit less cases. the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention set a goal in 1989 to virtually rid the U.S. of TB. this chart is an optimistic portrayal of that goal.  SF, when faced with a natural dilemma, is able to make a considerable dent in it with some time and brain power.


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