HIV Infections in SF (A.Scott)

This is a chart that explains the number of HIV infections in the city of San Francisco. I saw a few articles recently saying that HIV infections were on a retreat in the city over the  last 10 years. I thought this was an interesting piece so I decided to use some of the figures to create this bar chart. In large gay communitites like San Francisco and story like this should spark their attention and cause the citizens to be more knowledgeable about the subject.

The article was from the Bay Area reporter (they’re known for posting pretty informative articles). The chart is pretty simple as you see; I felt it didn’t need to be over elaborate  or anything , but still it’s pretty clear.

On the y-axis, I have listed the population of people infected with HIV. It is listed in 500 increments. On the x-axis, I listed the two categories I choose to do my chart on. One being “gay men infected with HIV” and the other “total number of people infected with HIV.” I wanted to make the bars nice and big; it’s much more pleasing to the eye and obviously takes up space on the chart.

I think a good follow up story could focus on the projections that experts have onthe total people being infected with HIV versus the projection of gay men being infected by HIV for 2011. Some of those figures were also in the article. It seems like a good segway from this particular story. It will leave readers wanting to know more.


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