Top 10 Mexican beers

There are many great Mexican beers, but only a few are sold here in the United States. Here are the top ten in regards to body and taste available this side of the border.

10. Tecate
Have love will travel
Photo by Flickr/Edmund Lund

Not the best beer, but pretty good for the price you pay. Goes down smooth but can be quite bitter. Tastes best ice cold, with a lime and salt if you prefer. Because of the flavor you get for the price, this beer is great to make your own micheladas, the savory drink similar to bloody marys.

9. Sol
Photo by Flickr/Bryce Edwards

Sol is not much greater than Tecate, but it is not as common which makes it better to appreciate it. It’s very light and goes down very smooth, but don’t expect too much flavor.

8. Carta Blanca
Carta Blanca at La Tonalteca
Photo by Flickr/Mike Mihaffie

Incredibly smooth, crisp, and refreshing. Carta Blanca is a beer you don’t prefer too often, and when you do it’s because you want some selection. It’s very light, and if you take too long in drinking it, you might wind up with a flat beer. So drink up!

7. Dos Equis
Free Beer!
Photo by Flickr/Marcus Metropolis

No matter how cool The Most Interesting Man in the World seems, this beer isn’t all that. It is refreshing and has a subtle, strong taste which goes down smooth. You can choose between the clara (green bottle) or the amber, which has a fuller taste but goes down just as smooth.

6. Modelo Especial
el naynar
Photo by Flickr/Nate McBean

You can never go wrong with a Modelo. Great taste, slightly bitter, and very refreshing. Enjoy it with a lime, but it isn’t really necessary.

5. Victoria
Photo by Flickr/William Neuheisel

Victoria is a great beer similar to Modelo (perhaps because it is brewed by the same company) but slightly more bitter. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if it was poured in a clear glass, but what makes it a great beer to have is that, until recently, it was only available in Mexico. It is now exported to select cities in the U.S.A. so you ought to feel special to have one.

4. Negra Modelo
Negra Modelo @ México
Photo by Flickr/Marcelo Costa

This is perhaps the best dark lager brewed in all of the Americas. It’s not very heavy and the full-body taste leaves the mouth clapping for more. It’s rich and not too filling, which even non-dark beer drinkers can enjoy.

3. Corona
Corona & Coronita
Photo by Flickr/Bart Everson

The classic Corona. You’d be surprised to know that this crisp, refreshing beer is easier found in the U.S. than in Mexico, but don’t doubt its authenticity. Coronas are always called for special occasions and is the only beer that really does taste better with limes. I don’t know why they bottle Coronitas; it’s the same beer only in a smaller bottle. That only results in you drinking your beer faster. Corona can be a bit filling, but that is why they also have Corona Light. But be aware that as well as Corona light being less filling, you also lose flavor, so choose wisely.

2. Pacifico
Photo by Flickr/B Mully

This beer is way underrated! It’s quite light but has a great, crisp flavor that will quench your thirst any time of day, any time of year. No lime is needed and is way less filling than Corona. It really is a delectable delight!

1. Bud Light Chelada
Budweiser & Bud Light Chelada
Photo by Flickr/Scott Beale

Although this is not a Mexican beer, it is a beer that many Mexicans in the U.S. drink (Bud Light will never fail at a Mexican party) and with a Mexican concept! Budweiser does have more bubbly, but Bud Light has just the right amount of taste. A chelada is a concoction of beer with Clamato, lime, and salt. Add your favorite hot sauce (Tapatío or Tabasco usually do the trick) and some worcestershire sauce and you got a michelada. But since Anheuser-Busch started premixing the clam and tomato juice with Budweiser and Bud Light, you can have “the perfect combination” as is or fix it to your taste. Great whenever, especially hot summer days, and perfect to cure “the morning after.” Who knows why none of the Mexican beers picked up this concept first! Salud!

16 thoughts on “Top 10 Mexican beers

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  2. ha chis la bud no es mexicana, pero bueno que mal andan, esas cervezas que postearon son las mas rancias y baratas de mexico.

  3. This is a list of poor quality beers. The only good one on here was Negro Modelo, but it was all the way down at number 4. And budweiser Chelada? It isn’t even a good michelada, and budweiser is an even worse beer than most of the beers mentioned on this list, and that’s saying something.

  4. I agree with the other commenter, where is Bohemia/Leon/Indio/Nochebuena? Those beers are way better than Corona or Tecate by far. Also there are Michemixes which you add to your beer of choice to create a Michelada so that is one reason why many beers in Mexico are not going to make this pre-made chelada or michelada mix such as the one Budlight made. Another reason? Michelada drive-thru’s or stands are very popular and will sell you a 1L or 2L michelada with your beer and seasoning of choice.

  5. This article is 100% incorrect! Do some more research on the topic! Really,bud light? The other better beers that should be mentioned and are known to be the top beers of Mexico didn’t make the cut, but bud light did. Quit writing lies!

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  7. … I still haven’t picked up my jaw yet over the fact that you have Budweiser as #1 on this list. I understand that a lot of Mexicans drink it, but a lot of everyone drinks it! It’s Budweiser – available absolutely everywhere. I thought the list was doing great on quality/flavor merit until that one… still a good list otherwise.

  8. Seriously? Corona is a piss poor beer that is only popular because of superior marketing. Then you put the nasty Bud Light product as #1??? Wow, just wow.

    How bout Superior, Indio, Bohemia? Did you do research or just go to the liquor store?

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